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A winter’s journey

I composed this song for christmass. Over on we made a christmass song collection and this is my contribution.

I imagined a slade, which crosses a frozen winter landscape, glittering in the sunshine. It’s cold but the travel companions have hot tea and thick blankets. During their journey they meet a band of hunters and pass a frozen lake. :-)



So viele Tage

This song is about how sometimes days can be so different. Some days are wonderful, but others are just a waste of time. You never know what you get!

It is a piano ballad and I am singing myself. I am no great singer, but until I find someone else to sing for me, my voice has to do ;-)




This is another thoughtfull piece. In the beginning it was a piano-only piece, but then I added a cello. I called it “Kristallen”, because the piano felt like crystal and it is quite high up on the tone-scale. I think it turned out well and consider it one of my better ones.

But I am still not quite sure, whether the cello is to strong or too soft. If you have any thoughts on this (or on anything else) I am happy to get to know. :-)


I wrote this when playing around with a nice “music box” sound. It reminded me of songs in my childhood and had also a circus-like feel to it. So here it is, a light cheerful music-box-circus piece :-)


Alte Zeit

This is a thoughtfull piano piece. I got inspired to write it, when I saw a somewhat surealistic black and white movie. That is also the reason for the title. “Alte Zeit” means “old time”. This refers to the movie, which had this old grainy feel to it, like from a different time.


Jul på slottet

This was written for a christmass CD over at the “kontrollrummet” forum.  So it is supposed to be a christmass song, but it turned out to have a lot of medieval elements as well. So thats the reason why I called it “Jul på Slottet”, which is swedish for  “Christmas on the Castle”.  It is kind of dancing, cheerish and medieval.You can envision the kings entourage and everyone at court sitting around big tables, dancing and having a jolly feast ;-)


Jag fryser

This one is my first song. I had recently bought a digital piano. Before I had only played on real pianos. But now I could actually record songs in an easy way, connecting the piano directly with the souncard of my PC.

The title means “I am freezing”. For some reason tha’s what I thought about when I listened to the song after it was finished.
Actually I am surprised how well it turned out and it  got a few nice comments over at the “studio forum“.